Top 3 Allergen Hideaways & Prevention

Erik Newton
Erik Newton
Published on July 28, 2018

Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and constant sneezing can make it tough to relax and enjoy the summer, even in your own home. Here are some of the main places allergens are hiding and tips on how to get rid of them:


Carpets are a common trap for an array of allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander. If possible, replace carpets with tile or wood flooring. If that’s not an option, frequent vacuuming can help remove allergens. Use a vacuum with a microfilter vacuum bag, multilayer vacuum bag, or HEPA filter if possible. These variants trap more allergens than a regular vacuum.


Fabrics like blankets and pillow covers are a haven for hidden allergens, so be sure to wash your bedding frequently. Hypoallergenic bedding is also available. Organic cotton and bamboo are two cost-effective options for sheets and pillow covers that can reduce the amount of spores, mites, and dander in your bedding.


Dust and pollen tend to settle on top of bookshelves, cabinets, and end tables. Frequent dusting will help cut down on these allergens. Replace the filters and clean the grates in your cooling and heating systems monthly to help minimize the amount of dust and pollen settling in your home.

Photo of the Top Air Purifiers

An Ounce of Prevention: Top 10 Air Purifiers

What better way to avoid the allergen hideaways than by preventing the allergens in the first place? We hope this list of the top rated home air purifiers from is exactly what you’re looking for and that it not only saves you time trying to find the right device but also helps you get the most value for your money!

Photo of Rabbit Air MinusA21) Rabbit Air MinusA2

If we had to pick the best rated air purifier out of all of the others on this list, this would be the clear winner.

We consider it the best home air purifier system available due to its wide range of features and air cleaning power.

The MinusA2 offers an unmatched 6-stage air purification process that creates the cleanest, freshest air possible. This includes:

  1. Pre-filter – To capture the largest particles and prolongs the life of the other filters.
  2. Medium Filter – Traps large allergens and dust particles.
  3. BioGS HEPA Filter – Extra-long life version of a True HEPA Filter that captures the tiniest of all allergens, dust, pollen and mold particles. Lasts up to 3 years.
  4. Carbon Filter – Eliminates odors and chemical vapors
  5. Customized Filter – Let’s you customize the product to suit your specific needs. Choose between enhanced germ defense, toxin absorption, pet allergies or odor elimination.
  6. Ion Generator – Creates an ionic field to neutralize airborne contaminants without producing ozone.

Another reason this is the best overall air purifier is the fact that you can customize the front panel in both color and/or design. Many different artistic design choices are available to suit your taste. And, since it’s wall mountable, this device can be camouflaged as a piece of art inside a room.

The only downside is that it’s one of the more expensive options out there. If you can afford it, however, we highly suggest that you invest in this air purifying machine.

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Photo of Levoit Compact Air Purifier2) Levoit Compact Air Purifier

This Levoit compact air purifying device is a great buy for anyone who is looking for convenience.

Its small size makes it ideal for both personal air purification use at home or at work and while traveling.

The major advantage of this top rated air purifier is that it uses a 3-stage Air Filtration System that includes a True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and Pre-filter.

This product also includes a nightlight with two brightness settings, which makes it a great air cleaning device for the bedroom.

Since it is geared for personal use, this compact air purifier can only purify a space up to 86 sq. ft. (Note: A larger mode is available that covers 322 sq. ft.)

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Photo of Honeywell HPA3003) Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Allergen Remover

If you weren’t already aware of this fact, Honeywell is the #1 brand recommended by allergists. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this air purifier made it onto our top 10 list.

Like other air purifiers on this page this product uses a powerful True HEPA Filter and Carbon Filter to clean the air of dust, allergens, smoke and odors.

It can handle a very large space up to 465 sq. ft.

Our favorite features, however, are the automatic shut off timer with 2, 4 and 8 hour intervals, easy tap control buttons and turbo fan mode.

Our only complaint used to be that the filter replacements were too costly, but now they’ve become quite affordable. The estimated cost is around $40 for a 3 pack.

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Photo of Winix Plasmawave 5500-24) Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2

This Winix air purifier is a top rated air purifier because it uses a patented PlasmaWave technology not found in other air cleaners.

This innovative feature offers the same air cleaning advantages of an ionizer but doesn’t produce harmful side effects or ozone.

PlasmaWave is the safest technology of its kind on the market and for the price, this is the best air purifier under $200.

Not only does it use a True HEPA Filter to remove 99.97% of dust and allergens from your home, but the PlasmaWave technology goes one step further to eliminate other toxic contaminants. This feature is a safe method of killing bacteria and viruses that don’t irritate allergies or asthma symptoms, something that ionic air cleaners are guilty of producing.

Carbon Filter is also included to help reduce smells and smoke.

The most notable feature, however, is that it includes a smart sensor that monitors the air quality within a room and automatically adjusts itself to maximize the air cleaning power.

Finally, this Winix air purifier is capable of handling large rooms up to 360 sq. ft., which is perfect for most home applications or office settings.

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Photo of AIRMEGA 300S5) AIRMEGA 300S Smart Enabled Air Purifier

This product ranks high on the list of best rated air purifiers because it offers something not many other devices provide – Smart Enabled Features.

What makes this product so popular is the fact that you can control every aspect of it from your iOS or Android device. It also has a real-time air quality monitoring system so you know exactly how fresh or polluted the air is around you.

This machine uses an advanced set of air filters – True HEPA and Activated Carbon – that are capable of capturing 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and 99.97% of all other pollutants. This rating is one of the best in the industry.

Another upside to this air cleaner is that the maximum air purifying coverage is 1,256 sq. ft., which is great for most any home application.

The downside is that all of these benefits add up. This product costs more than others listed on this page, but you may find that it’s worth every penny because of its capabilities.

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Photo of Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact6) Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier

If you have pets and want an air purifier that can both freshen the air and remove pet hair, then look no further than this compact air purifier. At last count, it had more than 2,800+ reviews by consumers and continues to be one of the highest rated air purifiers.

This device uses a Permanent HEPA-type Filter that can be cleaned with a vacuum and doesn’t need to be replaced. This saves you a considerable about of money. It also includes two Carbon Filters for odor control. These can’t be vacuumed and will need to be replaced over time.

Although it costs slightly more than the other top air purifiers in its class, it does outperform for maximum room coverage. It can handle a space up to 160 sq. ft, much larger than other compact air purifiers you’ll find.

This is a solid investment for any pet owner and will continue to rank high on top 10 air purifiers list. If we had to give one complaint though, it would be that we wished there was a larger version available.

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Photo of Winix WAC95007) Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner

This is another Winix air purifier that continues to show up on lists for top air purifiers and is great for pets and dust.

It’s similar to the Winix 5500, but boasts a few additional features, including:

  • 5-stage Air Cleaning System with a Pre-filter, Clean-Cel Anti-bacterial treatment, True HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter and PlasmaWave Generator. No airborne pollutants can escape this device.
  • Specially Designed for Pet Owners to eliminate microscopic pet dander and hair that cause allergies and breathing problems.
  • Two Smart Sensors that individually monitor the room for an increase in odors and dust, which adjusts the unit automatically to quickly remove these types of contaminants.
  • A Light Sensor that puts the device into a sleep mode when you’re asleep or the lights go dim.

If we were to give one criticism against this air cleaner, it’s the fact that it can only handle a space up to 283 sq. ft. For the price, you’d expect it to cover a larger room area, but the additional air cleaning stages do make up for this loss.

It’s an excellent air purifier for pet owners and you won’t find any other product at this price that’s as effective at removing all types of dust and allergens, including stubborn pet dander and hair.

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Photo of Coway Mighty Air AP-1512HH8) Coway Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH

Month after month, this continues to be one of our picks as the best home air purifier you can buy for personal use.

Why is it so highly rated?

Mainly due to these reasons:

  • 4-stage Air Purification System – Includes a Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter, and Ionizer to eliminate the widest range of pollutants and odors.
  • Eco Mode – Unlike other air purifiers that run 24/7 even when the air is fresh, this product cuts off when it senses the air is clean – making it extremely energy efficient.
  • Long Filter Life – The HEPA Filter is outstanding and lasts up to one year. The Carbon Filter is good for about 6 months before a replacement is needed.
  • Two Color Choices – Black or White.

The Coway Mighty Air Purifier is excellent at not only removing dust and allergens but also reducing household odors, mold and bacteria. Plus, it has enough power to handle a large space up to 360 sq. ft.

The only negative aspect of this machine is that the air quality sensor light on top can’t be turned off. If you find that the light is too bright at night then you may want to cover it with a piece of black tape or cardboard.

Other than that, it’s the best value air purifier you can get.

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Photo of GermGuardian AC50009) GermGuardian AC5000E 3-in-1 Air Cleaner

What makes this product so attractive is the fact that it uses a 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System that tackles airborne pollutants of all types – making the room it’s placed in a sterile, healthy environment.

The 3-in-1 system includes:

  • True HEPA Filter – Captures 99.97% of microscopic allergens, dust and mold spores down to 0.3 microns in size. This is the optimal filter for people who suffer with allergies or asthma.
  • Carbon Filter – Reduces odors caused by pets, smoke and cooking, so rooms smell fresh.
  • UV-C Light – Kills bacteria and viruses that otherwise would cause health issues.

This air cleaner is excellent for small to medium-sized rooms and can purify a space up to 193 sq. ft. For most personal applications, this is an ideal size, and with its lightweight and vertical design, it can be moved from room to room and fit practically anywhere.

The only common objection people have about this product is that it tends to emit a plastic smelling odor during the first 48 hours of use. This is worth knowing if you’re extra sensitive to odors.

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10) Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air PurifierPhoto of Alen Air BreatheSmart with Color Options

If you’re looking for a fully customizable air purifier that can also handle a very large space then you’ve finally found it.

Similar to our #1 recommendation above, this Alen BreatheSmart air cleaner offers some great options:

  • 4 HEPA Filter Types – To meet your specific air quality needs. Choose between Pure (allergies), Silver (asthma), FreshPlus (smoke and heavy chemicals) and OdorCell (pet and baby odors).
  • 14 Front Panel Colors and Designs – To match your personal style and fit in with existing home décor. Includes white, blue, brushed bronze and stainless, black, rosewood, natural maple and more.

Another top feature is the Smart Sensor with a colored light indicator. It measures the pollutants in the air and automatically adjusts the air cleaning power to save on energy and extend filter life.

This air purifier is also one of the most powerful on this list. It can clean the air within a space up to 1,100 sq. ft., making it the perfect device for a large room, a basement or even an office.

While the price is a little higher than other products on this page, it does make a great investment if you want a truly personalized air purifying device. For that reason, it’s tough to beat.

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