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Erik is great to work with on any situation. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and handles an endless stream of questions from me. As an investor, Erik is outstanding to work with during all stages of the process. Not only is he accessible and responsive to any and all questions, but patient during the search. Erik is diligent in finding properties that met my needs and quick to identify them second they were listed. He is knowledgeable, available, thorough, resourceful and an all around great guy. You can't go wrong with Erik!

Simply the best

I guess I've worked with probably 10 different real estate agents over the years. In fact, for a short time, I was an agent back in the 90s...lord. Anyway, Erik is the only agent I have gone back to more than the one time. He's the best. Period. Glad I found him...you should too.

Erik was the difference between our success or failure in selling our home.

"I’ve worked with 5 Real Estate Agents in the past. Erik was different. He gave me my faith in Realtors back. He lived up to the ads on TV. Erik was the difference between our success or failure in selling our home."

Erik is the one for you

“This guy can really sell a house. Erik came in with his designer/stager, helped us rearrange and get things just right. When we saw the pictures, we wanted to buy our house all over again. The attention to detail and the responsiveness from Erik were amazing. If you want a Real Estate Agent you can talk to, learn from, ask questions of, and ACTUALLY GET A HOLD OF–Erik is the one for you.”

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